Why Hire A Wedding Florist?


Planning a wedding poses its fair share of challenges. It takes a village. Without one, it can be overwhelming. Forget the stress of creating your own bouquets or centerpieces. There are so many logistics that go into wedding planning and the flowers that complement it. If that is not enough of a reason to opt-out of doing it all yourself, consider your options as to why you should hire a wedding florist.

Wedding Day Your Way

It’s your day, and there is a lot that goes into it. As a bride to be, you don’t always get the support you may need. There are a lot of expectations and not a lot of help from others to back them.

Before your exciting news of engagement ever has a moment to marinate in its bliss, you'll get bombarded with questions about the big day and all the details that surround it. Before you can decide on a color scheme, the family wants to know about the date. Before you can choose a place to get engagement photos, they’ll wonder why you still haven’t gotten your dress.

It’s a battle.

Wedding flowers should be able to be personalized to fit your style and the look you are wanting to achieve. Wedding flowers can be personalized with your flowers of choice and your design style. This should include bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, flowers for the tables and any other flowers used in the ceremony or reception. A wedding florist is working to make you happy, and their goal is to design something you can be proud of.

When your wedding is beautiful, they can easily promote it to their future clients. Unless you don’t want them to. If you want to keep your wedding photos off social media, that needs to be discussed ahead of time. The wedding florist you choose should do what it takes to make you happy. They should deliver high-quality work and should have an overall high satisfaction rating. Remember to check reviews.

Alleviating some of the chaos of planning and prepping helps you plan your wedding the way you want it, without having to get your hands too dirty. Knowledge is power. The power allows you to have your wedding your way.

Why DIY Isn’t Always the Best Option

You aren’t just hiring a florist. You are hiring a professional. Get the professionals’ opinions. One major reason why you should hire a florist is based on their knowledge. Tell them your vision and let them do the work to make it a reality. They should be able to fill in the blanks. They should create, for you, a floral example of that vision.

We are our own worst critics. This applies to your wedding planning too. It is hard enough to decide on table clothes, food menus, wedding colors and invitation designs. Doing it all yourself- that brings on its own set of complications with an enormous amount of pressure.

Hiring vendors are one way of alleviating some pressure. Making the decisions, juggling the process and doing it all yourself takes away from enjoying it. When you are paying, planning and designing, you are left with no time to reflect on the process.

Do you want that time? Do you want to be hands-on, or do you think it will be best in the long run? There is a balance. You can make the process easier. You won’t be unhappy letting someone else take on some of that hassle.

When you let your local florist work alongside your vision, wedding planning becomes less daunting and more enjoyable. With all those DIY weddings out there, it is easy to get wrapped up in Pinterest boards for hours. However, you don't have to. Inspiring those designs and delivering them are two different things.

If you are convinced into hiring a wedding florist but just don’t know where to start or how to order wedding flowers, here are some tips for how to get the wedding flowers you are looking for.

What to Ask a Wedding Florist

Before you say “I do” to a wedding florist, there are some questions that should be answered. It is important to know who you are hiring, in all aspects, and it is important to see the wedding florist’s work. They should have a portfolio or online website showcasing their designs from the weddings they have executed.

Ask them how many weddings they have done. Compare the weddings and design style with what you are envisioning and see if they align. Ask the wedding florist whether they have designed at your wedding site for both your ceremony and reception.

Check into the details. Talk with the wedding florist about containers or décor you have that you would like to have worked in. Containers can often be rented.

Most importantly, check and see If the florist will oversee setup. There is nothing worse than having to have family or friends come back or stay after your wedding to clean up. Ask the florist how they like to work with clients and be sure you understand their terms and conditions for wedding flowers, as a whole. If you have a wedding planner, consult with both the planner and the florist to ensure every detail is covered, and every flower is accounted for.

The Final Touches to a Beautiful Wedding

One of the main reasons an engaged couple should hire a wedding florist is because the final touches to a wedding makes all the difference. When you let a professional have a hand in making your wedding perfect, there is a certain peace that comes along with it. A peace no price tag can match.

You aren't just hiring a wedding florist for their design skills. You are hiring them for their expertise. Flowers are gentle creatures that need specific care for them to flourish. Yes, DIY weddings have grown exponentially in popularity. However, there is no replacing the comfort that comes from experience.

Reach out to our team at Forever Blooms in Lemon Grove, CA, or your local wedding florist with any questions you may have about wedding planning. In the wedding industry, most vendors know each other, heard of each other or have worked together. Many have references and some partner with each other. Talk with us about consultations to ensure you get everything you are looking for.

It’s your day. Have it your way. Set aside the opinions of your parents, friends and even strangers. Understand that all that matters are you and your future spouse love the result and feel your love celebrated in every way. It’s in moments like these that you will cherish with you throughout your marriage. Associate these times with good thoughts and beautiful memories, not with the stress of getting it all done in time.

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